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A year with one or two bits of news but not many pictures.

Jan continues to enjoy the exciting new job she started in late 2006, and has refrained from looking for yet another exciting new job.

David continued for most of the year in the same old job, weekly commuting to Maidenhead. From April he cut back to three days a week. In late September, seeing how well his colleagues were managing without him, he cut back to zero days a week. However, he has agreed to help them out if they really need him. Not much sign that they do. (Photo courtesy of Claire Smart.)

David has been appointed Chief Household Officer, and is ably supported by Principal Personal Secretary Miss Agatha Dimm.

She is helped in turn by Assistant Personal Secretary Miss Leila Dimm.

In March, we spent a week in Paris. This involved a great deal of culture and the occasional snack.

In May, we went to Provence for a gentle week's riding, at the same place we stayed last year.

Further trips were pencilled in, but Jan decided that it would be nice to spend a few days in Tunbridge Wells instead, enjoying the comfort and haute cuisine of the Nuffield Hospital. This gave her an ideal excuse to take a few weeks off work and a few months off riding.

Next year we hope to do lots of riding and travelling. Maybe riding in Southern Spain in March? Maybe riding in South-West France in May? Maybe even some walking in Switzerland? Do call again this time next year.