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David is still weekly-commuting to Maidenhead. No change there.

Jan enjoyed the exciting new job she started in late 2005 so much, that now she has another exciting new job. She'll be starting that in early January.

Leila continues to grow plump and contented. She is Jan's cat, so of course she only has eyes for David.

Agatha continues to grow plump but still worries rather. She is David's cat, so of course she only has eyes for our kind neighbour who looks after her during our frequent absences.

Clove is somewhat elderly, but gets a walk now and then.

In March, we spent a week in Catalunya, riding from inn to inn. Like the majority of the participants, we returned with no broken bones. (Was it fast? It was fast.)

In June, we spent a week in East Anglia. Astonishingly, little riding was involved. We spent the first few days sharing a cottage near Snape with the Gowenlocks, in a very familiar part of Suffolk. Then we struck out for the relatively unfamiliar shores of Norfolk, where we admired the bathing beauties.

In July, to Provence for a gentle week's riding, based at a farmhouse a couple of hours west of Nice. We enjoyed sampling traditional French cuisine.

In October, two weeks in Romania. The first week we were riding. How did you guess?

Then we went exploring in Brasov...



...and back to the farm for a couple of days' more riding. Having mastered this riding business, David thought it would be interesting to try some unpowered flight as well, but misjudged the force of gravity in that part of the world and came to a ligament-rending halt against the unyielding Transylvanian soil. Several hospitals later, his left arm is still attached to his body, but the vultures are circling.

David has rounded off the year with a week in Japan, while Jan is rushing to and fro to sort out her mother's hip replacement. Plans for next year have got as far as an end-of-winter mystery trip: a mystery to Jan at least.