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David is still weekly-commuting to Maidenhead. Jan is still commuting four days a week from home to London, where she has an exciting new job.

Sir Pouncelot has moved on (see link on home page), and his territory has been taken over by Leila and Agatha.

Leila is a ferocious hunter. No creature is safe from her deadly embrace.

Agatha is soft and gentle, except with cat food and chaffinches.

In February, we spent a week in Umbria, eating and drinking in the finest establishments and enjoying the snow.

In June, off to Montana to spend a week on a ranch. Then down through Yellowstone to visit Jan's favourite geyser ...

... to Grand Teton National Park ...

... and back via Jan's favourite volcanic basin.

In October, a rather damp and foggy trip down via Dorset to the Gowenlock household in Cornwall, then Exmoor and finally home via the Eales establishment.

Clove still enjoys her walks, but we don't have a picture of her this year.

David still enjoys his clarinet (well, someone has to) and has also acquired a big shiny hooter that he slides in and out.