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A quiet year, with uncertainties over jobs making it difficult to plan.

Jan was working at Whitney till early August. She has been "resting" ever since. There are one or two prospects on the horizon, but the market is very quiet.

David is still at Datacard (NatWest as was) after nine years. In May he changed from contractor to employee status. This nearly came to an end recently, when the company shed a lot of its London staff, but he has been reprieved.

Sir Pouncelot is continuing his campaign to catch all the mice in the garden and chase them around the house. He is also building up thick coats of fur and blubber to see him through the winter. He had a health scare in September, but it was a false alarm. Just too much fighting.

Jan is still spending loads of time riding out on the forest during the week, while David toils. The heavy horses get an occasional visit. Ben (as seen in the picture of Jan) has got a job as a stallion in Australia, but now we have Ellie-May to fuss over.

David is continuing his attempts to learn the clarinet, while forcing Jan to play the piano and Sir P to scarper to somewhere quieter. His teacher has a splendid bunny.

For holidays:

The mothers and Arni Ita have all been to stay. The mothers will be here over Christmas, plus the Niece-from-Hell to keep order.

Plans for next year: